Ways to Save Money and Create Save Wealth

You want to make money to spend money on the things you like such as holidays, outings, cars or clothing. By saving money you can still experience these rewards without having to work extra for it. If a small effort can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, is not worth the effort?

1. Prepare your own lunch and eat at home more often
Many people (especially young people) do not like it when you bring your own lunch, forget these people or get used to them. By preparing your own lunch and not buying it around the corner during the break, average people can save a lot of money. A bigger advantage is that it is often healthier. How much can you save $2 per day? $6 per week? $24 per month? $ 300 per year? As long as you do not calculate it on an annual basis, it may sound like little money, but you can eventually do a lot of nice things with it.

2. Stop eating sweets and soft drinks
Some people may find it extreme but personally I have long since renounced sweets and sodas.
The reason was not to save money, but in my opinion it is something that almost everyone can limit to a minimum. Candy and soft drinks are extremely unnecessary. But to keep it about money I will not go into my personal reasons, soft drinks and candy also cost a lot of money. How much can you save on this nonsense per day or per week? How much is that per month? How much is that per year?

3. Only make expensive purchases via the internet
Are you planning to buy high-priced electronics such as a TV or a tablet? Buy this via the internet. You can also find many comparison sites on the internet with which you can figure out exactly where, for example, the TV you want to have is the cheapest. You pay more on certain days of the week and certain weeks of the year. By doing a little bit of research for all these kinds of purchases, you can save a lot on an annual basis.

4. Save on electricity and gas
By taking a shorter shower you can save a lot on an annual basis. If you do the dishes you can use a sink so that you do not have to leave the hot tap open during washing. By making a simple purchase like this you can save a lot of money in the long term. Furthermore, you can pay attention that you do not leave devices and lights on when you do not use them.

5. Saving money by paying off debts
One of the ways that are the most wasteful of wasting money is to pay a lot of interest on loans. Paying 3% of 1000 dollars per month in interest is perhaps only thirty dollars, but on an annual basis this adds up to a huge amount. If you want to buy something for which you do not have the money, first save this money before you buy it, otherwise you will eventually lose a lot more by borrowing. How much could you save on an annual basis? If you find out that you can save $100 per month, you would be able to transfer this $100 to your savings account every month as soon as your salary arrives.