There are Some Things you Should Spend Large on When you are Young

When a person is in his 20’s he is young, free, full of ideas, full of potential. This is the most amazing time in a person’s life, and it’s the most important as well. How you spend your time and money during this decade of your life will determine the rest of your life. True, you don’t have much money when your in your early 20’s, but the little that you have must be invested properly.

Your basic instinct will tell you not to spend too much money on anything when you have just some small amount in your bank account. But there are several stuff you shouldn’t be shy to spend generously on when you are in your 20’s. Think of them as an investment of your future and if you want to have a good financial future, than investing in those fields is literally the best thing you can do with your money during this time of your life. Here are 5 things that you shouldn’t doubt to throw your money at.


Wise man say that a person learns till his alive and they are certainly right on this one. When you are 20-something it’s easy to think you know enough to become successful and rich, to be more than all others, but the fact of the matter is that you are dead wrong about this. There are a million things you don’t know, and another billion you probably will never learn, and that’s fine. There is no one on this earth who knows everything. But you should consider spending your money in getting to know as much as you can while you’re still young. As you get old your ability to learn is weaken. You have harder time to get something new and there are some stuff that you can’t learn no matter what. It sounds impossible, but believe us this is the general case. Spending your money on some courses, new language, new skills and abilities will help you in the future like nothing else will. Just focus your studies in one direction. Determine what will be your field of expertise and invest your time, money and efforts in this direction. It will be worth it.


When all is said and done all we are left with is our memories. There will come a time, when you will look back at your life and you will either get tearful for the good times that you had when you were young or you will start crying for the missed opportunities. The first option no doubt is the better one, so what you need are some great memories, and what better times to create them than now, when you’re 20-something. Traveling is one of the easiest ways to create life-long memories that will make you happy in your winter years, so spending money on travels is one of the best investments you’ll ever do. Spending money for a vacation is a good idea for all ages but during your 20’s you have enough freedom to go anywhere you want on your own, and you are too young to have kids of your own and any other responsibilities. So this is the time when you should go and discover a world. Be a volunteer, go to a concert in another country, go see the Pyramids or kiss a girl/boy under the Eiffel Tower. Create your memories, cause you won’t have another chance of being 20-something.

Fitness and health

Your body and brain develops till your 25th birthday and that’s the time you will be able to shape your body and health the easiest. Yes, of course the time for parties is now, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your health and become an alcoholic, a junkie or some other addict. Spending money for fitness, some martial art classes, cross-fit, bike, and all kinds of sports is an incredible investment you will be sorry if you miss it. Shaping your body in your 20’s will define your body type in the future. Keep in mind that less than 10 years from now you will probably work in some office, where you will be sitting down for 8 hours and you will have little to no time for a proper work out. This is the time to become muscular, or thin or whatever healthy body type you prefer. On top of that be sure to spend some extra cash on your food. Eating whatever is not OK and eating quality food will help you with your health in the future.


Books are the food of your brain. They are both a great source of information and an outstanding way to exercise your brain. Reading books will improve your writing skills, your grammar and your spelling, which will be very useful in the future (if not for anything else, it will be useful to ll who strive to correct anyone on the internet). But books are so much more. They are ideas, philosophies and views that can change your life. Your view will expand drastically through books and your personality will be mounted not only by the people in your social circle, but by the wisdom of the whole world. With this in mind you can see how spending money on books can be and will be beneficial for you in the future.


This is the most risky but at the same time the most beneficial of all other spendings. You can lose a great deal of money but the risk is worth it. Investing your money can actually make you a lot in the near future. Investing in start-ups can be a giant leap towards creating a fortune and the 20’s is the best time for it, because on of the crucial factors in this endeavor is on your side – you have time like you will never do in the future. So educate yourself in the craft of investment, and start earning big money for your future.