Review: How I Make $300/m passive Income Online from my Computer


Last week I was browsing the Internet looking for a fast and easy way to make money. There are dozens of ways out there, but I found an especially great one. It is an opportunity that is available right now for limited time, so I thought I would share it with my readers in this review. I tried it out and I can tell you that this works. No bullshit.


It all started when I found the following ad on a job search website, I am copy pasting the main part below:


We’re a newly founded digital ads agency, looking for people who would like to jump in that field along with us. What we offer:

– A way to earn up to $300 per month via online advertising and promotions dedicating less than two hours per week
– The freedom to work from any place using your computer, with flexible hours

No previous experience required! The openings are limited so don’t hesitate too much and apply now!
Once we’ve received your application, we’ll contact you for further details!

So I contacted them to find out more. You don’t hear about this kind of money for only two hours of work per week very often, and I was concerned it was bullshit. After contacting them, I received a long email with further details. Here is my summary for you:


  • They are running advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, but since Facebook has limited the amount of advertising campaigns one advertiser can run, they need more advertising accounts.
  • Most people are not even aware of that, but every Facebook profile has its own advertising account. Unless you don’t have a business of your own, which you’d need to promote, you are left with an advertising account, which you have no purpose for.
  • They offer to rent your advertising account, thus allowing you to earn some extra cash with it, instead of letting it “sit” in the corner of your FB, getting dust.
  • None of your friends would see the ads and nothing at all will change about your actual Facebook profile. There is little to no work required on my end and the advertising account will be set up with their own company billing information so all advertising campaigns responsibilities will be on their end.


That sounds almost to good to be true. So I used my girlfriends Facebook account to sign up to their program and try it out. I signed up on their official website , where they have more details regarding requirements. For example the Facebook Ad account has to be at least one year old.

Now the following they only told me later, but I am sharing it with you already so you know how their program works:

  • You get $25 instantly (after your ad account has been reviewed and approved to make sure it’s not a spam account)
  • After that for each day your account has been active, you’ll be getting $2.5 per day ($17.5 per week).
  • Earn $25 per referral! That’s right, for every person you refer to our program you’ll be able to boost your earnings with $25 additionally to what you’re already earning with your advertising account. For example if you get 10 friends or family members to join our program and we approve their ad accounts, you’d be able to earn $250 in no time.


So by combining the instant money , with the passive income $17.5 per week , together with the money for referring other people to the program you can make $300 monthly or even much more, depending on how many friends your refer. If you’re happy with the program yourself, it’s a no-brainer to tell your friends about it – you will make money and they will make money too.

I was worried about them actually paying, and also about what they would do with my ad account. Of course they promised none of my friends will even notice this, but you never know on the internet.

After being in the program for 3 weeks now, and having referred several of my friends who are also happy, I can tell you that all is fine. I did not even notice them doing anything, all that reminds me of having rented the ad account is my regular Paypal payment I am receiving with pretty much no work. This is really a unique opportunity that’s only possible because of todays digital age.

During the sign-up process I installed an extension to my browser which connects them to my Facebook ad account, so I never even have to do anything, they can automatically launch their advertising campaign, which are on the name of their business, and I get the money via Paypal. Perfect for a lazy person like me.


Oh, here is the full list of requirements to join the program, they are not letting just anyone in:


If you fulfill all their requirements I would suggest you to sign up on as soon as possible. I heard from one of my friends that they are going to introduce a waiting list soon, because so many people are trying to sign up.