Our Mission

One of the most important skills you will need in your lifetime is the skill to effectively manage money. There are almost no exceptions, everyone has to manage money. And often money has a very important impact on our life, it makes the difference between giving our children a bright future or not, between eating healthy and enjoying our Life and working difficult stressful jobs.

Unfortunately learning how to manage your personal finances responsibly is often not part of traditional education in high-school and college. Our Mission at Bright Spend Project is to help You with the right information to make educated Financial Decisions which will improve your Life and Happiness tremendously in the long-term.

Managing money is the cornerstone not only for a successful business, but also a way to help yourself, your family, loved ones and friends. Making smart decisions with your money will bring you great advantages in today’s world. And through the Internet everyone has similar opportunities for Self-Education that were simply not available 30 years ago, in the lifetime of your parents or grandparents. We at Bright Spend Project want to use these new Opportunities to help thousands of People worldwide with their Personal Finances, and to pass on these lessons to the next generation, making our whole Society more educated and prosperous.

What we are aiming to do is to teach you how to make your own personal financial budget so that you won’t always be in the red zone at the end of the month and you don’t live paycheck by paycheck. In our website we will give you some very important advice about your money, how to choose your purchases, and some hacks how to save money.

We are trying to do is to make you understand how money really works and how can you make an informative decision about your spending habits. Most of the times people buy stuff impulsively and feel regret afterwards. Many financial decisions are based on emotions, and can lead to a lot of Pain and Regret later on. That’s why we will try to teach you how to plan your purchases, how to research them and how to save money while doing it.

In two worlds, our goal is to teach you how to spend brightly. Welcome!