Getting Free Plane Tickets is Possible and Very Easy

Flying was a dream of humans since the dawn of time. The Myth of Icarus and Daedalus only show the eagerness to see the world from the heavens like the birds themselves. For millennia this was only a dream, but now we can practically do it every day. Ever since the invention of the airplane people have soared through the sky, traveling thousands of miles only for a few hours. The dream is now a reality – we can fly, we can see the world like only birds were intended to. But this all comes at a price. And some times this price is not so small.

Paying for airplane tickets was always a big budget decision. Not everyone can afford to buy a ticket for the plane without checking his budget first and without having to save some money first. This small inconvenience may ruin the experience of flying, especially if you are traveling coach and there are constant delays. Being stuck on an airport for hours unend is a terrible faith that no one should ever experience. It’s even worst if you are with a small child, or if you are having a connection flight. Nevertheless flying is still the fastest, most efficient way of traveling and you may not know this but you can actually score some free plane tickets if you are watchful enough. Here is how

Use Credit cards bonuses

Having a credit card is having its pros and cons, but certainly the bonuses you get when you’re signing up and the everyday credit card rewards are one of the biggest pros. There are several traveling credit cards that give you awesome sign-up bonuses, and you can even get a free flight if you choose well enough. Some of them are offering 50,000 mile bonus offer, which you can take up when you sign-up. The trick is to follow carefully what are the bonuses of the cards you haven’t had recently. This is crucial for you to be eligible for the bonus.

Once you have the card be sure to use the reward system of the product. Many of the traveling credit cards offer great miles for everyday spending. All you have to do is to use it for your everyday spending and take the rewards when you are eligible.

There are some credit cards that give you a free companion ticket. The bonus here is a one free companion coupon per year, which gives you a great opportunity for family travel or a get away with your significant other. You will pay for the first ticket, but the second one is free.

Get bumped

That sounds horrible, right? We all remember the United Airlines accident, when they forcibly removed a doctor, who needed to go home. Well those accidents are fairly isolated and are not that common, but what happens quite often is to ask for passengers to leave overbooked flights. As horrible as that sounds it can have some benefits. For example if you are asked to leave the plane you are eligible for compensation, which means that you will get between 100 and a 1000 dollars in vouchers. If you are asked to volunteer to be bumped to another flight, you will get great vouchers for future travels with the same airline.

Check social media

Social media is a great place for finding freebies and this is true for plane tickets as well. Airlines often offer some miles for things as simple as liking or sharing a post. Sometimes you can win a free ride in a contest, which takes only two seconds to enter. Well you shouldn’t spend all your time waiting for an airline to offer such bonus, but if you see it on Facebook, there is no harm in applying. Liking some airlines will help you as well.

There are many ways to get free tickets, but probably the best one is to work for the airline company. This way you will not only travel to many places, but you will get payed as well.