5 Easy Ways To Score Free Food

Ah, food, the one thing every person can enjoy, no matter of his interests and hobbies. Food is the one thing that connects us all and we can’t do without. Although food has generally life-sustaining function and it gives energy and nutrients to our body, so it can function properly, food is also a source of happiness. When we eat something delicious, dopamine is released in our brain and we have get that sweet, sweet “feel-good” sensation. That’s why we love so much food.

It’s true that some foods are tastier than others but without a doubt the most delicious thing you can eat is the one that you get for free. There are all kinds of ways to get free food, and it’s true that most of them are connected with some illegal activities, but there are several methods that you can use and they are completely legal. Here are 5 of the easiest ways to get free food.

1. Eat for free on your birthday

Many restaurants and fast food chains offer free meals for anyone who has a birthday. Sadly this can be used only once a year, but why not take advantage of it. If you do it right, you can eat like a king 3 times and even get some stuff for the meal tomorrow. And you’ll do all this without even touching your money.

2. Enter an eating competition

Gluttony is the best mortal sin of all by far. Well it’s still a mortal sin, so it’s not that great, but putting that aside, it brings us a lot of entertainment. One of the more interesting activities that have gluttony forged in its foundation is the eating competition. You may have seen such “athletic” events during festivals or carnivals. Those places are perfect for scoring some free grub. Often eating competitions will be free of admission charge, and that means you can stuff your face with some delicious food for absolutely free.

If eating up is your goal, you probably should keep track of the restaurants that advertise massive meals and offer to pay them if you can eat them in one sitting. Be careful though, because such way of life is usually very dangerous for your health and we don’t approve such hazardous behaviour.

3. Eat free samples

It’s virtually impossible not to have seen such stand. Restaurants, bars, chefs, brands, all use free samples to  promote events or a new product. All you have to do is get to a busy street corner or a place where usually gather a lot of people and sure enough you will stumble upon some free samples. There are some brands that even offer freebies online, and even will cover the transport cost.

The downside is that you can’t take a lot of those samples without aggravating the distributor. So taking 3-4 samples might be OK, but don’t go overboard.

4. Be a mystery diner

This is one of the greatest gigs you can stumble upon. Mystery dining is when an agency signs you up and pays you to go to restaurants or food chains to eat and write a report on your experience. The idea behind this is to inform restaurant owner if their establishments are answering to a certain standard and if the stuff is treating you well enough as a customer.

Most companies will pay only for the food you eat, which is the downside of this gig, but hey, free grub is a free grub.

5. Attend new establishment openings

Usually whenever there is a grand opening of some kind of store, or supermarket or any other establishment, free food is almost guarantied. Most of those, though, are usually with invite, but for supermarkets and other food stores usually you will have free access.

Usually the supermarket have the best free foods, because they strive to show the customers that they have quality products. So be ready to eat up.