5 Easy Ways to Make Some Extra Cash on your Free Time

We all work to earn our keep it doesn’t matter at what position or in what level of the hierarchy. During one week we sell 40 hours of our precious time so that we can do what we like in the other 128 hours we have free. More often than not we find ourselves selling more of our free time for money that we need for some reason. It might be this awesome trip your friends are going on and they are sure to post a ton of pics in Facebook just to annoy you, or it might be this home repairs you keep postponing for next month. It even might be just to make some additional cash for rainy days. No matter the reason we start shortening our free time just so we can earn some more cash.

What if there was another way to make money? There have been some really weird ways to earn some small extra cash during the years. Some of those options are still available and a little research will lead you right to them. Here we will just pitch some ideas you may follow so you can make some cold hard cash in no time without lifting a finger… well, may be just for clicking on the mouse


Sell your photos

You love to take pictures and you make roughly 1000 of them on every trip. You are not a professional photographer but hey, you make pretty decent pictures with what you got. And furthermore the obligatory selfie at every landmark you visited is just good enough for Facebook, so it’s good enough for the world to see.

So why don’t you earn some money with this hobby. There are some websites out there, that offer you the opportunity to upload your photos and get paid some money if someone likes to buy your photo. Well the websites usually take a cut, but their platform is completely free to use, so it’s a fair trade after all


Advertise companies on your T-shirt

If you don’t look too much into fashion and you practically don’t care what you wear, you might be sitting on a gold mine. There are companies that offer some small cash for you to wear a t-shirt with their brand. Can you imagine that. You can actually do this whole day, every day. All you need to do is go out and take a walk. There were some guys that used to do this, but they left the idea back in 2013. In only 4 years they had signed over 1500 companies. Since 2013 they have moved on creating a bigger marketing business, so this niche might actually be open for a new run. On the plus side, you might get to wear some pretty neat T-shirts.


Rent your clothes

We understand your skepticism for this idea, but there are some websites that give you the opportunity to put your clothes for rent. So why don’t you go to your wardrobe, get way back in it and if by any chance you don’t find Narnia, you most certainly will find some clothes you haven’t used for years. It might be a good idea to sell them, but simply renting them might be a great way to have some small cash earned from time to time.


Massage pets

Well yeah! People will give you money for all kinds of crazy stuff, so if you love animals you definitely are in luck. There are thousands of people who are ready to pay for a massage that your pet no doubt doesn’t need and won’t appreciate, but hey, money is money. If you are good enough and pets love you, you can get more than 100 bucks an hour with this gig. And what’s more awesome than being payed $100 an hour to caress a cute little furball. Be careful though. If you don’t know where you shouldn’t touch you will probably end up bitten or clawed.


If you love writing and you do it in your free time just for fun, may be you can seek some offers for freelance writing on the internet. This gig is usually well paid and if you are good you can actually make some pretty dissent bucks. There are several websites that give you the opportunity to write all kinds of stuff. Check them out and you can get some cash in no time.